Acclaimed as the “only exotic-technology computer system speaker on the planet” by Stereophile Magazine, Dec. 2002, the FPS-200 reproduces sound quality near-equivalent to high-end flat panel speakers that cost hundreds more. The speaker itself is half an inch thick, and offered in classy piano-gloss real mahogany, or in stunning clear acrylic and includes a 5” subwoofer and integral amplifiers that power the sub and each speaker. Excellent as a desktop system for computer, CD, MP3, and videogame playback and equally adept as an executive desk or table system paired with a CD player. There is no multimedia speaker that compares to the look, style and performance of the FPS-200.

Unit Satellites
Frequency Response
Rated Voltage
Satellite Dimensions
Satellite Weight
Unit Subwoofer
Subwoofer Amp Output
With Satellite Speakers
Subwoofer Dimensions
Subwoofer Weight
2+1ch Planar Wave System
2 x 12 MCMA Speakers
70Hz – 20kHz Satellite/Subwoofer
120VAC, 50/60Hz
(w) 127mm/5in X(h) 251 mm/9.9 in X(d) 62mm/2.5in X 12mm/.5in (thk)
ASW – 560g/ 17.9oz (w/fittings) MSW – 480g/15.4oz (w/fittings)
10.5cm/4.1 in Cone Driver
40 W (1 KHz, 10% T.H.D.)

(w) 108mm/4.3in X (h) 232mm/9.1in X (d) 270mm/10.6in
Approx. 3.8 kg/10.2 lb

Unlike conventional headphones, FPSounds Backpack Audio allows the user to tune into their favorite music without tuning out a conversation, or more importantly, the sounds of an oncoming vehicle. This equates to safe and convenient listening pleasure while the user continues to walk, bike, skateboard, hike, rollerblade or participate in any outdoor activity. Connect a CD, MD, MP3, Walkman or other similar player with a standard 2.5mm jack, pack it in the appropriate storage pouch, adjust the power/volume switch on the strap and appreciate music on the go in a new, personal manner.

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